Discovering Mental Clarity Through Sobriety

Getting sober has its benefits, one of the many includes mental clarity. People who use and abuse drugs and alcohol on a regular basis experience a foggy thought process, poor decision making, and difficulty recollecting recent memories. What we love most about sobriety is that it allows you to think with a clear mind, making better choices that help propel a brighter and more successful future.

The challenge for many people is to quit using drugs and alcohol. The most important thing to figure out is why someone is turning to substances. Is it because they are having a difficult time coping with current conditions, a chemical imbalance, believing things that are untrue, or events of the past that they have no yet reconciled? These are typically the four main causes of addiction. How to break free from unhealthy behavioral patterns such as using drugs and alcohol, you must first look at the why.

Many people struggle for years upon years to get and stay sober only to end up relapsing and repeating the heartbreaking cycle of addiction. Treatment centers such as Passages Malibu focus on powerful holistic healing techniques that don’t enforce the imprisoning 12 Step methodology. What makes Passages Malibu stand out from other treatment centers is that they choose to take a different approach by identifying and helping an individual heal from substance abuse related issues.

At Passages, you are not labeled and believe these types of labels are damaging and rob an individual of their true identity. The non-12 Step therapy at Passages offers a tremendous amount of one-on-one therapy sessions with a professional addiction specialist who helps educate, empower, and get people in touch with their true selves. This allows people to gain newfound confidence they may have never experienced before.

Through this confidence and the absence of corrupting substances running through your bloodstream, your brain will begin to run at an optimal level, opening up new possibilities, emotions, and thoughts that have been suppressed from drugs and alcohol. It’ oftentimes noticed that after a person gets sober, stays sober, and truly begins to reap the benefits of sobriety, they discover they have the ability to be more empathic towards others and have an open heart and mind whereas before they were shut down and closed off because people who use and abuse drugs and alcohol only seem to care about getting high, without any regard of who it hurts.

If you or someone you know is in need of addiction treatment, call Passages Malibu today at (888) 397-0112.