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Tech hiring in Boulder-Denver area outpacing Silicon Valley
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Tech hiring in Boulder-Denver area outpacing Silicon Valley

Average salary here above national average

BOULDER — Hiring in Boulder and Denver's tech industry outpaced the Silicon Valley, according to a new analysis.

The latest issue of TriNet SMBeat, a monthly analysis of small business employment and human capital economic indicators, shows that despite a modest cooling off, month-over-month net job growth continued across all sectors.

Strong net growth continued in the tech sector, with more significant increases seen in tech hubs outside of Silicon Valley, such as New York, Los Angeles, Denver-Boulder and Atlanta.

Tech hubs around the country, specifically New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Denver-Boulder, outpaced Silicon Valley in hiring. Atlanta, where many tech companies in the area provide tech services and operations targeted to large local corporations like Coca-Cola, leads net job growth at 3.31 percent, followed by Denver-Boulder, Los Angeles and the New York Metro area, with increases of 1.69 percent, 1.55 percent and 1.10 percent net job growth, respectively. Silicon Valley saw net job growth of just 0.45 percent in September.

Tech workers continue to flock to the Denver-Boulder area, where hiring has continued to grow every month by an average of 1.27 percent since January. Here, tech workers command an average salary of $100,000. This is the highest average salary outside of Silicon Valley at $119,000. The average annual salary of tech workers across the nation is $105,000, second only to the national life sciences average at $108,000.

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