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'Barrel Man's' iconic cylinder sells for $2,550 on eBay
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'Barrel Man's' iconic cylinder sells for $2,550 on eBay

A screenshot of the eBay listing.
A screenshot of the eBay listing.
The Denver Broncos did not play a game Sunday but that didn't stop fans from warring over an orange barrel bearing the team logo.

Twenty-one bidders competed for the relic made famous by Tim McKernan, aka "The Barrel Man" who died of lung disease in 2009 at the age of 69.

But only one bidder scored the barrel, which was hawked on eBay along with a letter of authenticity signed by McKernan's widow, Becky, stating that it was indeed one of the used cylinders from the famous fan's personal collection.

The barrel sold for $2,550.

There were a total of 61 bids. The opening one was for $300.

The bids increased in various increments: $1 was the lowest and $150 was the highest.

eBay does not publicly identify its winning bidders.

The eBay listing says the barrel was worn by McKernan in 2001 when what is now called Sports Authority Field at Mile High (previously Invesco Field) debuted next to the torn-down Mile High Stadium.

The barrel was to McKernan what the fig leaf was to Adam. That is to say it covered up the bare essentials. For decades, McKernan would dutifully don his barrel, hung with straps wrapped around his shoulders, and brave the elements bare-chested and with presumably nothing else but a cowboy hat and boots. He first started attending Broncos games in 1967 and first wore a barrel in 1977. McKernan has been enshrined in the NFL's Hall of Fans in Canton, Ohio, and there is a statue of him at the History Colorado Center.
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